What is Blockchain Community India

3 min readNov 29, 2020

2020 has been an impactful year for all the years and the need of doing business using technology has never been more. The kind of demand which is shown by traditional businesses to move to digital systems is way higher than previous years which means there is a need for simpler systems and also secured systems, this is where Blockchain Community India comes to work.

Blockchain Community India is an open source network which focuses on bringing Blockchain and Artificial intelligence technology into the traditional businesses of India and make them more efficient by equipping them with the right technology for the coming years.

BCI along with its team of investors looks for different projects where they can support business in terms of technology and build better interfaces and bring out more opportunities for the business to grow. The USP of BCI lies in using both knowledge of tech geeks and in-depth analysis of business minds to create a dynamic system where traditional businesses can grow using technology and they do not get obsolete. BCI provides support for both business and technology.

Currently Blockchain Community India is working on the following sectors:

  1. Blockchain and AI in Banking and Finance
  2. Blockchain and AI in Schools and colleges
  3. Blockchain and AI in Hospitality Sector
  4. Blockchain and AI in Health Sector
  5. Blockchain and AI in E-commerce and IT Sector

Apart from working with the businesses BCI also works on building a community for both business and for the tech industry. Here is what majorly tries to focus upon:

  1. Creation of a strong ecosystem for all the members and creating strong business relationships between all the members. Which will build strong roots for more partnerships within the community.
  2. Portrayal and backing of common interest of all the stakeholders. So that everyone is part of the decision making process and are equally responsible for the growth of the community.
  3. Creating a platform where all the problems and challenges related to technology can be addressed.
  4. Looking at the progress of different technology through the evolution systems and implementing them to all the businesses and making sure that at all the time the latest technologies are equipped.
  5. Providing a platform for the young talent to bring out their creativity through Hackathons and conferences and support young professionals to create better technologies.
  6. Establishment of new prospective collaborations, exchange of ideas, technologies and experiences on community forums.
  7. Universal support for young specialists and project teams to enhance business and create a dynamic system overall.

Blockchain community India works on a very unique and dynamic system where both business minds and tech minds can work together to create technology for business minds. Whoever becomes a partner with BCI is entitled to all the decisions which are made in the organization and hence we call it a community. BCI believes that there should always be a sense of community because when everyone is equally responsible for the success of anything which gives everyone a great boost to work hard.

BCI only has a small body who works on research and different aspects like technology and legality. This core body collects the data of all the future prospects and the rest of the decision is taken by all the members and hence all the people who decide to be part of it are given a chance to represent thoughts and ideas.

Overall in all the sectors Blockchain will be used to create systems more efficient and it will reduce a lot of work for businesses as the all-important will be stored in a secure way in which access to many people will be given at the same time, segregation of data will be done in seconds and the data that will be stored through blockchain will be secured and all that will be done just using simple systems. Hence Blockchain holds a great future in the coming years. In the coming years the sector will see tremendous growth and then it will become more difficult to invest as the cost of investment will be touching the roofs but BCI is giving opportunity to invest and be part of that growth to both investors and businesses who want to become part of the revolution.




Blockchain community India (BCI) is the extensive and significant concept of 21st century. It is the first Decentralised, Open Source community of India.