Traditional Businesses Evolving With Blockchain

  1. Public Projects: The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology proposed a blockchain project named Vajra planned by the National Payments Corporation of India for different payment organizations. It is to provide robust and secure exchanges on their online stages or mobile applications. The government of India’s Niti Aayog also proposed the possibility of using a blockchain ledger system in the management of state-provided schemes such as the supply of fertilizers for agricultural activities and use this technology in many more areas. These government projects leveraging blockchain technology will be a big step towards digitalizing India.
  2. Education Industry: There is a wide range of benefits of blockchain-based ledger technologies for education. Data such as maintaining accurate student attendance records, courses, payment towards tuition certification etc. are well maintained by blockchain open-source software. With increased focus on online learning, there are currently multiple platforms that are leveraging the blockchain projects in education, some of these being — Cubomania, Shikapa, Woolf, Blockchain University, Jalapeno Inventive, etc.
  3. Hospitality and Travel Industry: Blockchain technology provides better ways to make a transaction and store and use information through cryptography or high-security encryption. Hotels can accept digital currencies across the globe without compromising on their data security. This technology also enables the hospitality industry to flawlessly do their customer identity verification through fingerprint or bar code. Artificial intelligence has also enabled semi or fully automated, human interaction software called chat-bots to cater to customer queries and responses. For example, of the projects being LockChain, a direct marketplace, powered by blockchain technology, that allows hotels and other hospitality companies to rent out their property.
  4. Healthcare Industry — In the healthcare industry there is a volume of data related to patients identity, medical prescription, medical inventory, specialized medicare, securing patient data, etc. Blockchain technology maintains both privacy and transparency related to medical data thus maintains the sensitivity of the information. Across the globe, healthcare companies use blockchain technology for securing data. There are digital platforms that use the benefits of blockchain technology, for ‘Patientory’ is one of the enormous libraries that maintains data pertaining to patients and healthcare.
  5. E-Commerce Industry and Supply Chain: Blockchain projects in the manufacturing industry enable the breakdown of smaller processes in a manufacturing unit. By tracking all the processes, it can enhance the quality of processes, keep precise details of inventory. For E-commerce companies, it provides a sturdy platform for automation and integration of supply chain processes and information. It also keeps a robust track of the product life cycle and its tracing. It enables sharing and securing intelligence of the manufacturing industry. Some of the top companies using blockchain technology in Indian logistic sectors are Primechain Technologies, Signzy, Imaginnovate, etc.



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