Protect your Business From The Effects of Pandemic — With Blockchain Technology

3 min readJan 27, 2021

With the right technology, Protect your business from the effects of Pandemic — Blockchain Community India

As the pandemic refuse to die, economies across the globe are tumbling, further, the government measures such as lockdown and other restrictions have led to the adverse effect on business owners. While many entrepreneurs have confirmed, that their industry has been impacted for a long run, few are managing to survive. While things are increasingly getting challenging, we here introduce you to one of the oldest yet most powerful technology that will help you keep you run your business more efficiently and keep all your data super secure.

One of the thumb rules of business is to adapt to the situations and the pandemic has brought many changes in the lifestyle of people. So it’s time you make some changes in the business too. While the businesses continue to go digital with online meetings, note sharing and use of various software, it is the security and the privacy that has gained utmost importance.

One of the technology that is gaining mass acceptance is Blockchain Technology. Blockchain technology is a new-age system of record-keeping which is based on decentralized technology to secure data and promote transparency which further helps you to improve the business functioning and empower your business to get back into the market.

Here are just a few ways to helping you get started with technology in your business:

1. Development of administration system: if you are a business who is implementing work from home policies then you will need a good administration system and through blockchain you can build a system where all the activities of the employees can be tracked and you can make it different as per your requirement. This will help businesses save a lot of paperwork.

2. Strong Payment Gateway: Another important sector where Blockchain technology has been used widely is the payment gateways because the decentralised ledger system helps in making the transactions more secure. In Blockchain technology once the entry is made it cannot be reversed and hence it safeguards from frauds within and outside of the business. So if you are a business looking for payments methods you must use Blockchain technology for your business.

3. Monitor Supply Chain: by using Blockchain technology the supply chains can be managed in a much more effective way and in the time of pandemic when it’s not feasible to do all the paperwork, blockchain systems can be used and they also catch the inefficiency in seconds. Hence any business with supply chain management should adopt blockchain systems.

4. Storing Important Data: while we all work from home there is so much data in our system that it gets difficult to work and in such cases, Blockchain Cloud storage methods can be effective in storing and managing the data. Hence to store large files and folders blockchain systems can be incorporated.

Blockchain technology is rapidly changing the phase and scale of business operation. With the right technology, not only you can efficiently run a business but can also negate the cyber threats. Above are only a few applications of Blockchain which can be incorporated into your businesses to save it from these turbulent times. Most of these methods can also be retained in the post-covid times and hence they are beneficial for the business in the long-run.




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