How Blockchain Community Benefits Business and The Society

2 min readMay 15, 2021

Blockchain Technology has enabled businesses to achieve multiple trade benefits such as upgraded security, traceability, speedup transactions, heightened efficiency and reduced costs. Across the globe be it startups, traditional businesses, government agencies, all are leveraging the benefits of Blockchain technology to remould the traditional business models.

Over the decades, digitization has taken various forms, be it the internet through information digitalization or social media through the digitization of tools that build communities. In recent times, Blockchain has revolutionized the way values are digitized, secured, processed and accessed.

Beyond cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence give a new dimension to the ways we can address to catering the societal challenges ranging from financial transactions, upkeep of healthcare records, supply chain innovation, protection of information and assets of corporation and energy trading, seamless implementation of government projects and programs.

But through what means can the benefits of this technological innovation actually be compounded?

Blockchain communities are an answer to this. It opens doors for collaboration and is a foundation that supports spreading awareness and drives the use of Blockchain technological innovation amongst the business communities and startups.

There are multiple specialities and benefits that a Blockchain community through its network particularly help empower the startups and small organization:

- The community is a group of individuals who strongly believe and work towards a decentralized system that is secure and transparent.

- The community provides a platform for partnership between its members for decision making, and everyone is equally responsible for the growth of the community and business.

- Blockchain communities shrink trade and cultural barriers fostering sharing of ideas, experiences, technological collaborations and consultation.

- Through Blockchain’s time-stamped and transparent ledger system, all the business trading by its member network is easily accessible and visible.

- The decentralized repositories of information within the blockchain are both secure and trackable, thus enabling close business relationships between trading members within the community.

- A blockchain community helps in creating a loyal following that not only shares technological expertise but also spread information about their products and services and ongoing projects.

In this context, India’s premier blockchain community — Blockchain Community India, through its open-source network, takes advantage of the use of artificial intelligence and incorporates the above-listed benefits that the blockchain community brings to the table. Being one of the best partnership-based business community in India, it supports Indian startups. It helps in building better technological interfaces for its business community members.

BCI in collaboration with its investors searches for projects from various sectors such as Banking and Finance, education industry, Hospitality, Healthcare, IT and Ecommerce sectors. Provides technical support to these industries and helping create better interfaces for businesses to grow. Uniquely, it caters to the technological needs of the business through its network of business owners and technical experts in artificial intelligence.

Blockchain communities across the globe hold a bright future. It holds a promise for all to build a trustworthy community that can have meaningful conversations beyond cryptocurrency. These communities would be a single stop for blockchain enthusiasts.




Blockchain community India (BCI) is the extensive and significant concept of 21st century. It is the first Decentralised, Open Source community of India.