Blockchain Community India is ready for Pre-Launching his 1st project BITKART EXCHANGE(P2P).

BITKART EXCHANGE provides a platform to change your INR in USD & USD in INR.

It’s working peer to peer method. Buy USD and use it on all worldwide exchange.

Bitkart Fiat Currency Exchange (P2P) for India!

Sing up on Bitkart now and get free 1.5 USD.

Invite 20 free friends & get 5% to 50% partnership in Bitkart Exchange.

We are writing to let you know how excited I am with your response to the BLOCKCHAIN COMMUNITY INDIA’s proposal for this community.

We are looking 1000 business partners all our India for expending India’s 1st BLOCKCHAIN COMMUNITY INDIA. The Community working with grate creativity ideas with BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY. Everyone knows about BLOCKCHAIN & what is the future of BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY in India. All our world 157 already accepted this technology and in coming years India also accept it but we are first in India who are starting projects with this technology.

If you are thinking of starting up a new technology-based business and want to work with yourself in your own business and work like a Boss, you can join this wonderful community. The most part of this community is you don’t need to invest 0 rupees to join this community. It’s absolutely free for only 1000 partners from all India.

For more info visit website:-



Blockchain community India (BCI) is the extensive and significant concept of 21st century. It is the first Decentralised, Open Source community of India.

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